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Color-script overwiev Color-script 010-080
Color-script 080-150 Color-script 160-260
Color-script 260-470 Color-script 470-530
Work in progress
The color-script is shown sequence by sequence and is presented in thumbnails with links to Robert Brandt's and Volker Krafzell's and my BG-key's as well as a selection of production BG's ( production BG's are shown on screen). The five folders with a selection of my color-keys/BG-keys can be accessed here or via links in the script.

The story goes like this – very very short and condensed. Justforkix, the gaol chief’s nephew has arrived to the village to become a mighty warrior. But the Vikings kidnap him.They bring Justforkix to the far north where he is supposed to learn them to fly by fear. Obelix and Asterix follow them and a lot of the film takes place at Viking fjords, geysers and Viking parties…. And Abba the beautiful daughter off the Viking chief also participates.

Asterix and the Vikings – Head of Background
As the BG supervisor my job was to produce the color-script in co-operation with the directors Stefan Fjeldmark and Jesper Møller, to define the style of painting and handle the BG-production: hand-out the sequences to Wang studios in Suzhou-China who produced the majority of the production-BG’s and Neomis-Paris - then to comment, correct and approve the production-BG’s.

The color-script was made in two goes: first the color-key script (marked with S.B in the script); quick rough paintings based on the story-board, showing the overall feeling of the sequences. Then BG-keys(marked wiht an L.O in the script) based on final layouts, these are more detailed and the finish aside quite close to the final production-BG’s. Halfway through Robert Brandt joined the production and from sequence 260 he painted a substantial amount of the BG-keys and he did great! Later his colleague Volker Krafzel came along and joined forces under my supervision.

To show the "comment, correct and approve part" some "before and after" samples are included. They are to be seen as a work in progress. Since the painters were situated far away, I communicated with them by making rough painted comments or corrected production-BG’s to be used as supplementary ref. material.

I would like to thank Robert coming up to Denmark with all his great skills, as well as Volker and Joaquim Royo whom where the local French BG-supervisor. Not to forget Jim Chou the local Chinese BG-supervisor that aside his good work showed me around in Suzhou under my 4-month stay.