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Since 1991, where I graduated from the Art and Craft school in Kolding. I have been working by freelancing in illustration for magazines, commercials and books.

I’ve been working as a background painter for A-film on the features “JungleJack” 1+2, a small primary color-script for the cgi-feature Jungo Goes Bananas –release fall ’07 (Junglejack #3) “ Quest For Camelot”. Doing pre-production work on the TV shows“ Troll tales”, “Benjamin Blümchen” and different specials.

Worked as head of backgrounds on A-film’s feature “ Asterix and the Vikings“. The french world premiere is april 2006.

Then I have illustrated a story by Morten Remar called " redningsaktion europa" a month's work - and it can be persued at this site

Coloring comics for DC Comic;
"House of Secrets" art by Teddy H. Kristiansen.
"Superman For All Seasons" art by Tim Sale.
"The Light Brigade" and "The Chosen "  art by Peter Snejbjerg.

Written and drawn the graphic albums "Tideregn" and "Lykkebarnet" (The Kid of Fortune).

Balloon 1-15 and the Lizard pictures are for the fun of it.

Now (2007) I am working as head of art-department on Sylvain Chomet’s (Les Triplettes de Belleville) new film “Illusionist”(working title) and mainly taking care of production of color-script and BG-painting.